Introducing nature's most beautiful finds, revitalized for modern living. Our finders scour the globe for the rare and beautiful, taking inspiration from century-old sunken logs, weathered barnwood and early 19th century Appalachian timber. They meticulously capture nature's imperfections and recreate them.

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Refined Forest

Design inspiration for refined forest comes from weathered fences that have stood defiant through hundreds of changing seasons, softwood cypress that exudes elegance from every ring and cathedral hickory marked by brilliant mineral streaking and grain patterning.

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Treasured Grove

Design inspiration for Treasured Grove includes logs that have slumbered for centuries in the mineral-rich waters of the Macco's Flooring, fallen old-growth trees remarkably shielded from the elements and vintage barn beams weathered to perfection by years of rain, wind and sunshine.

Curated Grain

Design inspiration includes hardwood salvaged from a historic Alabama home, old-growth white oak with an open grain that harks back to a bygone era and barnwood with a century's worth of hard work, sweat and tears imprinted in the grains.

Luxecraft | Macco's Floor Covering Center