Flooring Basics

Learn the basics of flooring


Thanks for taking a few moments to dig a little deeper into your floor covering options. Here, you'll pick up interesting and useful info, which should help you understand your choices, and help you feel confident about your selections. We hope you'll forgive us if we occasionally lapse into enthusiasm about scratch and dent resistance or get caught up in the fascinating differences between flat knots and asymmetrical knots in handmade rugs.

The information you encounter here will help prepare you for your visit to a Macco's Floor Covering Center, where you will have access to, and the support of, flooring and interior design professionals. Their mission is to help you make choices with which you'll be very happy for long time to come. They'll be able to add to and expand upon the information you find here. We've kept the extraneous detail to a minimum and allowed a little personality to shine through in the Product Basics stories. We hope will help you enjoy your education and feel that your interest has been rewarded.