Carpet Care & Maintenance


It’s a fact, you need frequent care and maintenance to keep your new carpet looking beautiful and feeling plush. At Macco's Floor Covering Center, we understand you don’t have a lot of time to invest in upkeep. But following some simple and easy care and maintenance tasks will ensure the longevity of your carpet.

Preventative Carpet Maintenance

The first step is to establish a preventative maintenance routine that’s easy for the entire family to follow.

  • Remove outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet so you don’t track dirt inside the house.
  • Use a good quality carpet pad for additional support.
  • Daily to weekly vacuuming with a manufacturer’s approved appliance is sometimes all you need to keep your carpets looking and feeling great!

What Can I Do About Spills?

If you spill something on carpet, it’s important to clean it up right away. First, pick up any solids or debris and use a clean, dry cloth to soak up as much liquid as possible. Then rinse the area with warm water, blotting with your cloth or towel. You shouldn’t scrub or use hot water because you might damage individual fibers.

Once the area has dried, you can vacuum over it to help restore the carpet to its original appearance. If you’re considering using a carpet cleaning product, be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines or consult with our flooring professionals for a recommendation.

What Should I do If A Carpet Loop Snags?

If your looped carpet snags, be sure not to vacuum or pull the yarn. Simply use a pair of scissors to cut the snag so it’s level with the surface of the carpet.

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