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ASID: What made you decide to pursue an Interior Design career?

Kaitlyn Cable: The television show Trading Spaces played a key role for me in pursuing a career in Interior Design. The show came out when I was in Elementary school and I couldn’t get enough of it. It got me thinking about different designs and color pallets which in turn had me rearranging and forever trying to get my parents to fund the ideas I had for my bedroom. This passion never stopped and when it came time to look at colleges my mom suggested I went to school for Interior Design.

I ultimately ended up at UW-Stevens Point where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture. Since graduating seven years ago, I have been an Interior Designer in the Green Bay area; I currently work at Macco’s Commercial Interiors as a Project Manager and an Interior Designer and will be attending Ball State University this Fall to get my Master’s in Interior Design.

ASID: What type of design are you passionate about?

KC: I’m pretty passionate about all aspects of design; whether it’s off the clock picking out home furnishings for friends and family or coming up with designs for hospitals and schools. I get enjoyment working with people and having them get excited about the spaces they are in. Design is more emotional than what I think it gets credit for and I love assisting people with creating spaces they are enthusiastic to show off and be in.

ASID: What do you love about design?

KC: I love that design is forever changing and I love learning about all different kinds of design. I find it fascinating that depending on the environment we are in we will interact with others differently, our moods will change, as well as our overall perspective. Understanding and exposing myself to all different design situations allows me to become a better designer.

ASID: How has being a member of ASID helped you in your career?

KC: Being a member of ASID has given me the opportunity to get more involved in the design community as a professional. Being a member gives me the chance to stay connected with old college professors and classmates as well as allows me to meet other designers I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

ASID: What do you like to do in your spare time?

KC: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends at our cottage. I’m often seen with my goldendoodle, Corduroy, and we like going for walks, swimming and camping. Some days he is even lucky enough to come to work with me! I’m also an avid reader and am in a book club.

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